Breaking Out of Routine: Surprising Yourself Every Day


One day you’re carrying a microwave up seven flights of stairs and the next you’re sitting in the living room on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, with the Orchester de Paris.

Ok, yes it seems like a fairy tale and everything sounds wonderful but it really isn’t. Those who have ever left home on a trip know that unforeseen events happen all the time and most of the time it does not depend on us. But the difference is how much it affects us, and that if we can’t fix it, it’s draining our energy for nothing. So let’s turn the page and move on to something else.

It’s simple, let’s practice with small things every day until it becomes a habit and becomes a way of being. Taking things with humor does not mean that you live in a cloud, quite the contrary. It is to ensure that this does not affect us in our day, our week, our month or our year.

You spilled a glass of water, of coffee. No problem. It cleans up. The tablecloth was stained, the carpet. Well, they are things that happen, it is cleaned, fixed or changed. The material comes and goes. Money comes and goes. Our feeling of frustration does not. And it can become more and more serious as you look at the things that happen to us badly, instead of paying attention to what happens to us well.

Write down on a piece of paper or mentally: 10 things you are grateful for today. They don’t have to be big things. It can be a meal, the weather, the place where you are, who you are with, whatever is on your mind.

Did you complete it easy? I hope so. Because then it keeps making that list bigger. All the good things that life has given you so far and if you pay attention even the not so good things were triggers for great plans for you.

I have long believed in the power of attraction, the strength of our thoughts, our actions and our word. Every day I confirm it more and it is incredible how things happen. But in order for you to receive this attraction of beautiful things, it is essential that you manifest them. It is essential that you remove from your life everything toxic that does not allow you to advance. It doesn’t matter how horrible it sounds. But if you have to stop hanging out with people, places, or even situations that bring you down instead of up, then do it. Don’t let guilt win you over.

It is essential to give meaning to your days. It doesn’t have to be a big action plan with certificates and diplomas. They can be small objectives, to be done in a week, in a month, in a year. But hold on to those plans and commit to yourself. It is a first step to get away from what does not add to your life project, to spend time and to say NO to any easy escape that does not allow you to take control.

Look for groups of people walking in the same direction. It does not matter if it is for a project of a few days. It is the opportunity to meet other people, other minds, other ideas that spark more ideas.

Go out for a walk as if you were walking your pet. Not paying attention to cell phone. Half an hour without a specific direction. Believe me, it’s an incredible exercise, you’re going to see places that are just around your house and you didn’t know it.

Listen to music. All you can. Try to discover sounds that you don’t hear every day. Whoever does not get out of a routine in any aspect of life, misses the opportunity to enlarge his world. Listen to Waltzes, Movie Soundtracks that make you imagine the scenes. The musical themes that we know by heart are beautiful to sing and dance to, but that way the world remains small.

Try different flavors. The meals are good every day. But discovering flavors, opening up to our brain receiving new taste stimuli makes everything work and generates new connections. So if you haven’t tried it, say no more I don’t like it because of its appearance or smell. PROOF.

The magic is in continuing to surprise us every day. Sight, smell, taste and touch allow us to receive that information where the brain short-circuits, is confused, and at first does not understand. We may not like it, but we may, and that’s when we get hungry for more, to keep looking for stimuli to move forward on this path we call Life.

About the microwave, I have his story. It’s not that it’s a great story but it woke up this text that I couldn’t stop writing.

The story begins with there being an app and a Facebook group called Geev where new things are donated and adopted. From televisions to food. It is a collaborative community to give a new use to something that we no longer use and can be of great help to another. Most of the objects are in very good condition, but you can still specify it. But I leave this story for our next meeting and some tips to make life easier in Paris.

A tout!