The Transformation of 2020: Reflections on Healing, Blessings, and Success


Healing, transformation…

“2020 smells like a healing, transformation, blessings and success”

That’s what the quote I put to the video of the inauguration of lights on the Champs-Élysées said. I didn’t know the force those words would have today.

Do you remember where you were the day the first confinement was announced? The day they closed absolutely everything, they blocked the airports and the cities were practically empty. It is as if we had forgotten how afraid we were at that moment, how alone we were without knowing what was happening. An invisible virus killing thousands of things in its path, but even if you have lost your job, your business, your trip, your plans, there are people who lost their lives.

And what have we learned in all this time? I don’t mean what we did with our spare time; everyone knows how they used it and it’s not me to judge if it was good or bad. But I mean the whole world. Because despite “stopping” completely, certain things moved forward completely; such as carrying out procedures that were previously yes or yes face-to-face, can now be done online. Courses, school classes, even adults were forced to familiarize themselves with a cell phone screen to stay in touch. We practically evolved in many technological aspects. The Engineering of the world took a really giant step to achieve a medicine in record time, right?

But what have we learned from all this?

Well, I am going to tell you that these 4 words have a lot of meaning for me today and perhaps you can share that same feeling.

We had time to be with ourselves, ask ourselves what we were spending time on, for many it was a before and after. Couples who stopped being couples, others who learned to be a couple again, people who planned too much in the future instead of acting in the now, and were only left with the bitter pleasure of knowing what would have happened “maybe next month, next year…”, words that were not said, actions that never happened. Could we change all that? Are we still on time?

Well, that’s where the transformation happens, right? because simply continuing life as we were is not possible. The same world told you even with its new rules of coexistence: “mask inside”, “mask outside”, meetings of 10 people, distance of 1 meter or more, trips were reduced, parties, touches curfew Each movement is restricted by a new norm that modifies the daily life that we led before. So if even with this new way of living it modifies our behavior, is it possible to make a transformation from the inside to modify our behavior?

Well, I’m almost sure that despite the year you’ve spent, right now you feel grateful for what you’ve learned. It doesn’t matter what the one next to you does. It matters what happens in your heart and in your mind. But mainly in your heart (if we still don’t manage to control the mind, it’s probably boycotting this beautiful moment).

Breathe normally and after reading this, I want you to close your eyes for a moment and just feel. Today and now; nothing more than that. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth everything you want to let go. All that bothers you, that made you angry this year, that made you cry, be afraid or that generated something you don’t want in your life. Inhale through your nose again and exhale all that black cloud through your mouth. For the last and third time, I want you to open your eyes and think only about one beautiful thing that happened to you this year. Did you smile? You sighed?, something happened right?

So that is called Success.